Melbourne's Northern Suburbs Officially Stink Right Now

But don't stress

Melbourne's Northern Suburbs Officially Stink Right Now Fox

Residents in Melbourne's north have been told not to panic despite a strong smell of gas spreading across suburbs.

A large number of calls were made to triple-zero on Monday morning, with Thomastown, Epping, Reservoir, Northcote and Preston residents complaining of a strange, gas-like odour.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade tracked the smell down to a liquid spill on Gateway Boulevard at Epping and issued a chemical hazard alert for 19 suburbs.

They have since confirmed the substance is not hazardous and there is no threat to the community.

"The substance is not believed to be gas, but an additive that is put in LPG to make it smell," an MFB spokesperson said in a statement.

The MFB said there should be no health risk for residents, but urged anyone feeling unwell to seek medical advice.