Melbourne's Lord Mayor Declares War On oBikes

Claims they are cluttering city streets

Melbourne's Lord Mayor Declares War On oBikes Reddit: arima-kousei

Yellow OBikes littering Melbourne streets might be no longer if the Lord Mayor has something to say about it.

You might have spotted OBikes since they launched in Melbourne last month. The first dock-less smart bike share system in Australia aims to create an affordable, environmentally friendly public transport system by offering bikes with dockless locking systems – this means they can be picked up and dropped off anywhere.

But no one expected that would result in them being taped high up on signposts, left on the top of port-a-loos or dumped in rivers.

Reddit: kelerian

Now Melbourne’s Lord Mayor has declared he’s sick of the oBikes cluttering his city.

 “We work hard to keep the city free of clutter. They are clutter and that must be fixed,” Cr Doyle told the Herald Sun.

The council has been speaking to operators of the oBike system to fix the problem but Cr Doyle said if no solution could be found they would be axed.

So far the green initiative has rolled into Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, London and other overseas locations.

The European city of Amsterdam this week banned the dock-less bikes because they were clogging up scarce parking spaces.