Melbourne Warned To Prepare For Early Bushfire Season

Time to clean up

Melbourne Warned To Prepare For Early Bushfire Season

Firefighters are warning Melbourne's bush fire season could hit earlier than usual.

The worst months for fires are normally January and February but a drier-than-average winter has left an underlying dryness in the soil, MFB Acting Chief Officer Greg Leach said. .

"Our biggest concern this year is East Gippsland as the forests there are drier and they haven't had as much rainfall as they normally would," Mr Leach told AAP ahead of an emergency management personnel meeting in Melbourne on Thursday.

The fire danger period has already been declared in parts of Gippsland - which has already had several significant blazes this year - and it will spread across Victoria as the countryside dries out.

Residents in Melbourne's outskirts should celan up around their houses, reduce the amount of vegetation and clean up gutters sooner rather than later to help reduce the risk. 

"And this applies for people that live on the outskirts of Melbourne - grass fires and bushfires aren't just something that happens in rural and regional Victoria."

Victoria will have its largest ever fleet of 49 firefighting aircraft this fire season, made up of water bombers and intelligence gathering aircraft.