Melbourne Smashed All Night

How Wet Did You Get?

Melbourne Smashed All Night

(Image, Bureau Of Meteorology)

Melbourne was battered hard last night by heavy rain and storms, with emergency services answering hundreds of calls for help.

The SES responded to 170 calls for flooding, 122 calls for building damage from the storm, and one instance of a car being stuck in flood waters. Most of the destruction was in the Melbourne metro area, as well as Ballarat and down in Phillip Island.

Yesterday's wet conditions saw up to 33mm or rain fall in some parts of Melbourne and up to 46mm at Arthurs Seat.

More wet weather is expected today, so authorities are advising people to take extra care on slippery roads. We've also been advised to get up a ladder and check the roof of our homes for missing tiles, to prevent the chance of their houses flooding next time it rains.