Melbourne Festival's All The Sex I've Ever Had Is A Must See

A weekend must!

Melbourne Festival's All The Sex I've Ever Had Is A Must See

For anyone looking to do something a little outside of the box this weekend, you absolutely must check out Melbourne Festival's All The Sex I've Ever Had. 

The show is fronted by a panel of seniors living in Melbourne, each with very different lives, sexual history and stories that will make your jaw drop. 

This hilarious show, which encourages audience participation, aims to break down taboos about the elderly and offers a wonderful perspective on life, sex and love for all ages. 

When the seemingly sweet and innocent cast first come on stage, it's hard to believe the audience will start to see themselves portrayed back at them; the gay man, the wild child, the hopeless romantic, the playboy, the naive one and the 'it' girl. 

A mixture of hilarious, heartbreaking, and awkward (but bloody relatable!) stories, dancing, confetti cannons and a ripper soundtrack from the ages ... this show was a party and a therapy session all in one! 

"From firsts to lasts, life-changing lovers to forgettable duds, the collective roster of intimacy imparted here amounts to a sexual history of Melbourne as told by those who put in the hard yards," organisers have said of the show. 

"In a culture that reserves sex for the young, this is a taboo-busting work making public the privates that rarely get their moment in the sun. More than a mere exercise in titillation, it cuts to the heart of the human need to connect, whatever our age may be."


Thu 12 Oct 7.30PM

Fri 13 Oct 7.30PM

Sat 14 Oct 2PM & 7.30PM

Sun 15 Oct 7.30PM

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