Melbourne Far-Right Protesters Target Internationally-Known Priest

The Church claims it's the second time.

Melbourne Far-Right Protesters Target Internationally-Known Priest Father Rod Bower's politically-charged billboards have made headlines across the globe.

A Melbourne-based far-right group filmed heckling ex-Senator Sam Dastyari last year, is now allegedly causing trouble in the New South Wales church famous for its iconic billboards. 

Four men from the group interrupted the 6pm Saturday mass at Gosford Anglican Church, whose politically-charged billboards supporting refugees and marriage equality have been shared across the world.

Two were in costume; one dressed as Jesus, one a Gladiator with a plastic sword.

GOSFORD: One of Father Rod's politically-charged billboards

Using a megaphone, one yelled, "You are desecrating my father's house."

"This was an extremely traumatizing [sic] event," said Father Rod Bower in a statement. "Fortunately many regular parishioners were absent so the devastation was somewhat minimized. [sic]"

"This was in my view a terrorist attack," he continued. "One cannot imagine that had these men been Muslims they would have been allowed to walk away from this act of violence and intimidation. The tabloid papers would have lead with this on their front pages.

"These people are to Christianity what Isis is to Islam. This attack shows how far we have gone down the road of right wing extremism; such an attack on a church could not have been imagined only a few years ago."

He says it follows a similar incident in 2016.

A spokesman for Brisbane Water Police District said they were no longer investigating the incident.