Melbourne Beaches Off Limits For Days

Swim At Your Peril

Melbourne Beaches Off Limits For Days

Beaches around Port Phillip Bay are expected to be off limits for at least the rest of this week, after last weekend's storms real dirtied the water.

The Environmental Protection Agency checks the water quality at 36 beaches around the bay twice a day. So far all results are coming back showing conditions are poor, or not suitable for swimming.

Authorities say conditions could remain poor for several days. The water washed off our streets and into the storm water drains isn't treated before making it's way into our creeks, rivers and ocean, which means any pollution laying around our suburbs get's washed away with it.

Determining the water quality isn't as simple as just checking the water itself. Experts also look at rain forecasts, cloud cover, flood warnings, fish deaths and algal blooms.

What do the ratings mean?

  • Good = Good water quality, is suitable for swimming
  • Fair = Fair may not be suitable for swimming; check for signs of stormwater pollution before swimming e.g. stormwater drains flowing, discoloured water, odour, rubbish and debris along the water’s edge
  • Poor = Poor is unsuitable for swimming.

The EPA issues twice-daily water quality forecasts of good, fair and poor for Port Phillip Bay’s 36 beaches online.