Knife Attack At Flinders St Station

Homeless Men Arrested

Knife Attack At Flinders St Station

Some early morning violence at Flinders St Station where a man armed with a box cutter has lunged at another guy.

It's understood the man, who appeared to be homeless, launched the attack in the CBD around 6.30am.

Witnesses say he came out of a supermarket before launching himself at another man, knifing him several times.

2 men have been arrested for being drunk in public and possessing a weapon, one of them suffering a small cut to his forehead.

Flinders St Station's been making news recently over the issue of homeless people setting up camp there.

Melbourne City Council last night passed a local law, banning anyone from sleeping rough in public places. The public has 28 days to make submissions on the law before a final decision's made. Campaigners say the decision will force homeless people into seeking refuge in more dangerous areas.