Former Vic Mayor Jailed For Molesting Girl

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Former Vic Mayor Jailed For Molesting Girl

A former Victorian mayor who molested a little girl with "wanton, calculated" disregard for his victim or her family has been jailed for four years.

Three-term mayor of the former Borough of Sebastopol Graham Collins, 77, was found guilty by a jury of committing indecent acts with a girl aged eight or nine, including kissing, groping and penetration.

Collins was 75 or 76 when he molested the child.

He was sentenced in the County Court of Victoria on Tuesday, with Judge Jim Montgomery stating he was amazed that Collins would "indulge" in the behaviour and "expect to get away with it".

Collins took advantage of trust extended by the girl and her parent and behaved without any thought of the consequences, the judge noted.

While Collins showed "no remorse", he had lived an otherwise "blameless life" and was considered a pillar of the Ballarat community, he added.

Collins worked as a councillor and mayor, received an Australian Fire Service Medal for voluntary firefighting and was instrumental in the Sebastopol senior citizens committee as well as the local Red Shield Appeal, the court was told.

"I express my denunciation of the behaviour," Judge Montgomery said.

"Your actions are incomprehensible to me.

"I'm amazed that anyone would indulge in this sort of behaviour and expect to get away with it."

The court was told that Collins had the support of his wife and three children but there was an outburst in the public gallery from a man who said he was "one of the sons and I don't support him".

Collins must spend two years and 10 months in jail before being eligible for parole.