Everything You Need To Know About Melbourne’s NYE Fireworks

This will be Melbourne's biggest party!

Everything You Need To Know About Melbourne’s NYE Fireworks Instagram: @nyemelb

Melbourne will see the biggest display of fireworks in the CBD than ever before, costing a cool $2.8million.

With 500,000 people expected to come into the city to ring in 2018, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is glad to spend the cash. 14 tonnes of fireworks will launch from 22 buildings across the city, and will have effects of peonies, palm trees and more.

Different sections of the CBD will be NYE hubs. Here is what you need to know to ensure you have a great night.

Early Evening

For families who prefer an early night, there is a great program at both Yarra Park and Footscray Park.

Yarra Park

Time: 6pm-10pm

Train: Richmond & Jolimont stations

Tram: 48, 70 & 75

Bus: 246

Performances by Michael Paynter, Emily Williams and more throughout the night. Fireworks begin at 9.30pm.


Footscray Park

Time: 6.30pm-10.30pm

Train: Footscray Station

Performances by Ali Barter, Sol Nation and more. Fireworks begin at 9.30pm.

Find out more about the early evening entertainment here.



The CBD fireworks will be visible for anyone in the greater Melbourne area where the skyline is visible. In the city, there will be live sites to offer the public the best experience.

All live sites include a 2017 music video retrospective from 9pm-11pm.

Treasury Gardens

Time: 9pm-1am

Train: Flinders Street and Parliament Stations

Tram: 11, 12, 48, 70, 75, 86, 96 and 109

Entertainment: DJ Nussy from 11pm-1am


Flagstaff Gardens

Time: 9pm-1am

Train: Flagstaff Station (inbound) and Flinders Street Station (outbound)

Tram: 19, 55, 57, 59, 86 and 96

Entertainment: DJ Jade Zoe from 11pm-1am



Time: 9pm-1am

Train: Southern Cross Station

Tram: 11, 31, 48, 86 and 96

Entertainment: DJ ELLE from 11pm-1am


Kings Domain

Time: 9pm-1am

Train: Flinders Street Station

Tram: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 55, 64, 67 and 72

Entertainment: DJ MzRizk

For more information on midnight entertainment, go here.


What else will be there?

There will be food trucks, special effects, multimedia productions and restrooms.

How should I get into the city?

There will of course be delays getting into the city with such a large group of people heading in the same direction. It is recommended that you take public transport, but avoid Flinders St station – choose another city loop stop on your way through. Services will run all night.

What if I want to drive in?

Be advised there will be many road closures and parking restrictions. It is advised you plan your route in advance. There will be tow away zones on major roads including St Kilda Road and High Street.

Go here to learn more about transport on the night. 

Can I bring alcohol?

This will be an alcohol-free event and you could be fined if you are caught with booze.

What about security?

Cr Doyle has confirmed there will be an increased security effort on the night, which will include police, emergency personnel, council marshals and private security guards. This will include the new warning speakers that have recently been rolled out in the CBD.

How can I watch the fireworks if I can’t be there on the night?

You can watch the live broadcast on Channel 7.


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