Ed Sheeran Fans Furious After Extreme Heat Causes Fainting

Too hot to bop

Ed Sheeran Fans Furious After Extreme Heat Causes Fainting Instagram @TeddysPhotos

Ed Sheeran fans are furious after officials refused to open the Etihad Studio roof during Saturday night's show - despite soaring temperatures.

Concertgoers have told Yahoo7 multiple people fainted and had to leave the Stadium during the show as it was so hot inside - many not even making it to the first act. 

It was still around 35 degrees on Saturday night at 6pm. 

Etihad Stadium's facebook page has been inundated with angry comments who said the $5.30 charge for a small bottle of water simply isn't good enough.

"Seriously open the roof!!! People have already started passing out tonight yet again. Let people enjoy the night, not feel like crap as it’s too hot," one person wrote.

"How about next time opening the bloody roof!! You may not have had so many people fainting.." another added. 

A spokesman for Etihad Stadium told Yahoo7 that they kept the roof closed due to a touring management request.

”Patrons’ health and safety is always our number one priority and we were continually monitoring the situation.”

He said the temperatures were not a problem: “the temperatures inside the stadium was not at a level that put Ed’s fans at risk.”

Ambulance Victoria confirmed to News.com.au that numerous people were treated for dehydration.

Sunday night's weather was thankfully much cooler for fans, with the temperature in Melbourne hitting 18 degrees at 6pm.