Dozens Injured After Truck Smashes Into Packed Melbourne Tram

Route 58 Derails

Dozens Injured After Truck Smashes Into Packed Melbourne Tram

Image: Reddit user Crunchy_Intruder / 7News

Paramedics have checked over more than two dozen people, for minor injuries, after a peak hour tram crash inside Royal Park this morning.

It's believed a truck collided with the tram at a crossing on Elliot Avenue at Parkville.

The route 58 tram looks like a write-off after being knocked well off the tracks by the truck. It's doors are smashed and some windows broken.


Update from Ambulance Victoria at 9:30am:

Emergency services have been called to a report of a truck and tram that have collided in Parkville just after 8am this morning.

Paramedics have assessed 29 people. All are in a stable condition.

14 people have been released with no further treatment required.

3 people have been transported to hospital including:
Two people have been taken to St Vincents
One man has been taken to The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

All remaining patients continue to be assessed at the scene.

There are no further details.

Anyone inside would have been thrown off their seats.

Meantime the truck has landed on it's side, spilling what looks like a load of gavel or dirt, and is leaking fuel.

More to come...