Do You Know All The Different Things Drones Can Do Now?

So cool!

Do You Know All The Different Things Drones Can Do Now?

For a lot of us, drones are that cool piece of tech that have, over the past couple of years, slowly moved from being cool toys in a small section of a tech shop to being a normal sight for houses with kids, photographers and people who just love new technology.

Just as they’ve been moving into our homes so too have they become lighter, smaller, faster, more durable and more able to do some cool stuff! So we thought we’d take some time to take a quick look at the things you can do with drones today that you might not have known.

Drones for everyone

With drones becoming more intuitive and friendly for beginners, anyone can take to the skies for as little as $40 with drones slightly bigger than a couple of dollar coins. Some are small enough to be safe to use indoors!

These drones are perfect for anyone who wants to experience drones for the first time or for kids to try out with their mates without having to worry about causing too much damage or being too delicate with it.

You can go slightly up a level for under $100 and get drones that can travel as far as 100m with a lot of them coming with inbuilt cameras and ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Now you can have fun just flying around or getting some cool shots for just a couple bucks!   

Racing Drones

Get this, the advancements in drones have created a new sport! Drone racing is great if you’re looking to get a little more serious with the hobby, crave speed and are looking for an experience that is unlike anything else.

FPV drones gives you a first person view of what is ahead of your drone with an on-board camera giving you a live feed of the action straight to a pair of goggles, it can feel like you’re Go-Kart racing in the sky at high speeds.

Already there are national and international competitions for the sport, with a fifteen year-old Brit taking home $250,000 in Dubai this year!

Best of all, you can experience all the fun racing around a track against other pilots all from a chair!



The Selfie Drone

Alright maybe you’re not into high energy racing, you might be more about perfecting the Insta feed and you’re a master at finding the perfect lighting for the killer shot. Imagine if you extend your arm just that little bit higher or a tad further without needing to enlist a friend to get the photo (cause they never get it right anyway)!


Foldable drones that follow you around are taking off at the moment (ha, get it, taking off, cause…drone) with lots of manufacturers looking to make drones that are lightweight but have high quality camera equipment built in.

The tech behind these drones, like the DJI Mavic Pro, is seriously impressive, they can follow you around without you controlling them and can detect their surroundings using satellites to make sure they don’t bump into anything! They can also land at the same place where they took off at the press of a button and can take of photo of you and the squad without needing to press a button, all you need to do is gesture to the camera!

The best feature of all? No member of the squad is out of frame for the perfect pic! 


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