Chapel Street Mass Nude Photoshop Turned Down By Woolies

They say customers need the carpark

Chapel Street Mass Nude Photoshop Turned Down By Woolies AAP

Woolworths have denied an international photographer access to their carpark for a giant nude photoshoot.

Photographer Spencer Tunick had planned to photograph thousands of nude Melburnians at the rooftop carpark of Woolworth’s Prahran on Chapel Street. The project was considered a boon to the area by local retailers. 

But Woolworths say the shoot would simply be too much of an inconvenience to their customers.

"At Woolworths, we will always put the convenience of our local customers first.  

“We recently upgraded the rooftop car park at our Prahran store to make it more accessible and comfortable and its primary purpose is for customers to have convenient access to car parking close to our store. 

“The request for the photo was on the weekend, which is the busiest time of the week for shopping in our stores, and as such we must ensure customers have convenient access to our store when we are open.

"We are proud supporters of the Prahran community and our store regularly raises funds and donates to local community organisations and schools. We also remain supportive of the Chapel Street Precinct Association’s Provocare Festival of the Arts event."

10,000 people have already signed up to the event.

"The plan was to showcase our beautiful area to the whole of the world," Chrissie Maus, the head of the Chapel Street Precinct Association, told the ABC. 

"The event we proposed for Saturday 7th July would bring between 500-1000 people into the Prahran location alone."

"There is absolutely no downside for Woolworths, only upside. We have promoted the Woolworths carpark extensively, through our social media, and the large billboards posted in multiple locations around Cato Square."

"One of the main advantages of holding this photographic event on the Prahran rooftop carpark is to highlight (even to locals who are unaware of this parking facility) that there is in fact a carpark there for all to use, and it is a convenient, central location to service surrounding businesses."

She’s now started a petition asking Woolworths to change their tune.