Bail Continued For Man Accused Of Fatal One-Punch Assault

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Bail Continued For Man Accused Of Fatal One-Punch Assault

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A man accused of fatally punch another man outside a Melbourne nightspot has had his bail continued.

Richard Vincec, 26, was allegedly on drugs when he punched 22-year-old Jaiden Walker outside the CBD nightspot Cherry Bar on May 6, AAP reports.

Mr Walker's head hit the ground with a "deafening cracking sound" and he died a week later.

In Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Friday, Vincec's bail was reviewed and continued on strict conditions, including a $20,000 surety.

He was previously bailed on the condition he would undertake treatment for drugs, alcohol and anger issues, and had family support.

"You've got a clean bill of health on the drug screens," the magistrate noted.

"That's a positive first report."

Vincec is charged with manslaughter, intentionally causing serious injury and possession of drugs.

Police say Vincec kissed the girl, a friend of the victim, after they took speed together in a toilet cubicle at Cherry Bar.

The court had previously heard that after they were evicted from the bar, Vincec allegedly made sexual advances towards the girl but she declined.

Vincec then tried to shake people's hands but became agitated when Mr Walker refused.

The girl placed herself between Mr Walker and the accused but Vincec launched himself over her to throw a single punch.

It caused the younger man to fall unconscious to the ground.

Police say Vincec fled the scene, later admitting the assault.

"It wasn't intentional. I don't know. He took a swipe at me first," Vincec told police.

"I couldn't say self-defence because he didn't hit me."

The matter returns to court on August 22.