Backyard Raids On Dodgy Solarium Businesses

Police Are Cracking Down

Backyard Raids On Dodgy Solarium Businesses

Image: Instgram - @artetcoiffure.esthetique

Police have swooped in on a number of backyards across Victoria claiming dodgy illegal tanning beds.
In the last week, six raids have occurred in Brighton, Gisborne, Greenvale, Croydon and Manor Lakes.

It's all part of an undercover investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services that plans to expose several solarium bed businesses that are being rented out in garages across the state.

Three solariums from Gisborne, Croydon and Manor Lakes have already been seized for forensic examination.

More black-market operations are rumoured to be running in Port Melbourne, Bundoora, Officer, Macleod and Greenvale.

Investigators are collecting evidence to conduct further raids.Those involved in the illegal activity are expected to be summoned to Melbourne Magistrates’ Court at a later date.

On young woman from Officer is now facing fines up to $40,000 for running a pay-by-the-hour home solarium. Police seized a client log book with over 1500 client entries.

People have turned to Gumtree and Craigslist to advertise their dodgy backyard tanning businesses.

Some are using a closed Facebook group called “Save Our Solariums SOS” to get in touch with potential tanning clients.

The law is taking a hard approach to anyone operating a solarium in their backyard. Authorities have warned they will come after people with search warrants.

Tanning beds were banned in Victoria back in January 2015. Large fines apply to individuals who are caught breaking the law by still using them.