Roma Cities Rugby League Football Club Being Sued

$1.4 Million Dodgy Tackle

Roma Cities Rugby League Football Club Being Sued

Image: The Chronicle

A former Saint George player is suing Roma Cities Rugby League Football Club along with one of their players for $1.4 million in damages.

Liam Cullen's a former halfback for St George, had his lawyers file a class action in a Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday seeking damages from a head-high tackle that left Cullen with permanent injuries.

Cullen had to be airlifted from Rowden Park in 2014 after being tackled by Roma Cities player Alby Tardent.

Since the incident Mr Cullen has been in and out of the Brain Injury Unit in Brisbane receiving treatment as a result of the tackle.

Mr Cullen's Lawyers allege the swinging arm tackle by Tardent was intentional and in breach of the rules.

Roma Cities Rugby League Club is still to file a defence after being handed the class action lawsuit yesterday.

The lawsuit could have ramifications for all rugby league clubs and players - changing current code rules.