There's An ISLAND FOR SALE Near Mackay!!!

Time to count your piggy bank!

There's An ISLAND FOR SALE Near Mackay!!!

If you're in the market island...then it could be your lucky day! 

Temple Island, south of Mackay, has gone up for sale for only $990,000! This island, near Cape Palmerston, is the lowest priced island up for grabs in the country right now and it's even cheaper than buying a house in Sydney!

Temple Island is up for sale! Image via

The previous Brisbane-based owner has put it up for sale due to not having the time to look after it. 

The island won't come empty, either. It boasts new appliances, building material (including a tractor), a new solar hot water system, a private airstrip and a four bedroom high-set home. 


If you're a lover of sea life, you might just spot some Sea Turtles nesting in December and if you're a sucker for seafood, you can eat oysters straight off the rocks! 

You'll find Sea Turtles on the island. Image via

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