Local News Headlines Mackay & The Whitsundays, 7th of June, 2018

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Local News Headlines Mackay & The Whitsundays, 7th of June, 2018

A thief has made off with a charity tin in MACKAY. The uncharitable act happened at a licensed venue on GORDON STREET around 7:30 Tuesday night. The box labelled MANDATE holding lots of coins at the time of its demise. POLICE are investigating the incident.

MACKAY CONSERVATION GROUP has called on the STATE GOVERNMENT to rule out giving ADANI further funding. Rejecting the proposal to hand over up to a hundred million dollars for a road upgrade for the mine. Saying that giving public funds to the project would be breaking the election promise of no state funding for ADANI


MACKAY weapons related offences are at a 14 year high. POLICE releasing the figures for the region.. the rise being partly explained to targeted crackdowns against drug and gang related crime. DECTECTIVE INSPECTOR BRENDAN SMITH says they've also experienced a rise in the number of tip offs through CRIMESTOPPERS and POLICELINK


The SAFE NIGHT PRECINCT in MACKAY will get a further boost in funding. The QUEENSLAND government announcing they'll be putting more cash to it from the BUDGET. COMMUNITIES MINISTER CORALEE O'ROURKE says they're wanting to see young people continue to have a good time in (region) 

MACKAY MAYOR GREG WILLIAMSON will touch back down in AUSTRALIA today. He and DEPUTY MAYOR AMANDA CAMM heading to the states for talks around biopharmaceuticals. They're hoping the talks will lead to significant international investment in the region.

Celebrity chef MATT GOLINSKI is back in town serving up a feast at the MECC. He'll be the special guest ched tonight at the fourth annual GREATER WHITSUNDAYS Food Network Farm to Plate Dinner.



MACKAY'S DANE GAGAI played through a dislocated finger in the STATE OF ORIGIN last night. The RABBITOHS star playing a big part in their game.. catching a number of balls and getting on the score sheet. However QUEENSLAND fell to the BLUES 22-12 at the MCG. QUEENSLAND COACH KEVIN WALTERS says GAGAI really showed his spirit in the game