Get behind "Act for Kids" 2017

Help us support this great cause

Get behind "Act for Kids" 2017

Help us help "Act for Kids" with "Monster Crayons" which has been designed to help the abused kids in our region.

Monster Crayons is a local crowd-funded project created by Christian McKechnie along with my her best mate, and the help of heaps of everyday Queenslanders. The concept is monster-shaped crayons, and all profits from sales go to "Act for Kids" to help abused children deal with their problems through art therapy.

As you draw with them the monster wears away (symbolically showing how kids can get rid of their monsters through art therapy). As of this week we are in a 100+ stores around Australia, including the Telstra Shops at Caneland Central and on Willets Rd.

For more information or to get involved, contact Christian McKechnie on