Tesla Battery Energy Storage System

for Lake Bonney Wind Farm

Tesla Battery Energy Storage System

Limestone Coast locals could be seeing cheaper electricity in the future - following an announcement from Infigen Energy.


The company will begin the construction of a new $38m 25MQ/52MWh Tesla Battery Energy Storage System adjacent to the Lake Bonney Wind Farm near Millicent..


The lithium-ion battery project attracted a $5m million grant from the State Government's Renewable Technologies Fund, and another $5m from the Federal Government's Renewable Energy Agency.


Officials hope the grid will not only help to stabilise the grid, it will help the power source become more competitive.


South Australian energy minister Dan van holst Pellekaan said Infigen's battery project is "welcome news to businesses in the state as it will increase the competitiveness of electricity prices for customers with high energy demand".


Construction is expected to begin next month.