Don't Burn-off During Wild Wind

Important request from CFA

Don't Burn-off During Wild Wind

The following advice has been released by the Country Fire Authority: Fire risk heightened due to expected weather conditions for today, Thursday 3rd May 2018.

Although the Fire Danger Period is now over and restrictions have been lifted within the North East and Alpine areas of Victoria; the danger for fire within the landscape is still significant.

Due to lack of rain and extremely dry conditions, coupled with expected higher wind speeds tomorrow, any fire in the open will be cause for concern and may be difficult to extinguish if it gets out of control.

CFA asks everyone to refrain from burning off or lighting any kind of fire outside, over the next 24 hours due to expected higher than average wind gusts around the state of Victoria.

Currently we are experiencing a number of out of control burn-offs meaning our crews are under the pump and the wind is expected to pick up this afternoon making conditions harder to control burn-offs.

  • Land holders are liable for any damage obtained from escaped burn-offs
  • Any costs associated with use of heavy machinery to bring an escaped burn-off under control will be passed onto the land holder responsible
  • Land holders can also be prosecuted for any out of control burn-offs

For further information and up to date warnings go to or call Vic Emergency on 1800 226 226

For information regarding burn-offs and controlled burns call the Burn-Off Notification Hotline on 1800 668 511