Wild West woes

Patrons stranded as ride gets stuck

Wild West woes

Movie World says the safety of patrons was never compromised by the latest glitch to strike one of the theme park's rides.

The Wild West ride became stuck, leaving a number of guests stranded for up to 20 minutes on Monday afternoon.

They were all rescued safely.

Movie World released a statement describing the incident as being part of "regular operating procedures and are an essential part of ride safety systems."

"During these occurrences there is no risk to guests, as the rides are operating as they are designed to, " the statement reads.

"Occasionally ride stoppages occur due to environmental and weather factors such as rain, wind and heat, power surges, sensor adjustments and guest behaviour."

Today's incident follows a malfunction on the Arkham Asylum roller coaster, which left 20 people stranded for up to two hours.

- James Royce, Twitter @jameseroyce