WATCH | Man gets tased after resisting arrest in Palm Beach

Video is NSFW!

WATCH | Man gets tased after resisting arrest in Palm Beach

This year we've seen Palm Beach truly reinvent itself with quirky new cafes and bars popping up left, right and centre. It has become a hipster hub for Instagram socialites and food bloggers, which has almost removed the stigma that Palmy locals have been trying to shake off for years. 

Yesterday afternoon we managed to not only get a taste of the tantalising menu at The Collective, but a taste of the OG Palm Beach right after leaving the joint around 5PM. 

After hearing screams of panic from behind the shrubs, we quickly ducked our heads around to find a man seconds away from copping a little tase from surrounding police officers. The initial sound of the taser, followed by the high-pitched scream of the man, saw locals emerge on their balconies and from within surrounding stores as Palm Beach spectators united for a good old fashioned Gold Coast arrest.



In true aussie fashion, the man resisted, screaming "I will fight all of you!" rather confidently. We can't confirm nor deny if this man was under the influence of anything, but his judgement was clearly fatigued, hurling abuse at officers who politely tried to calm him down. You know, after tasing him. 

It wasn't long before the paddy waggon rocked up to take this man into custody, but before he was thrown in, he took off his pants.


Witnesses said the man had been causing a ruckus in the carpark behind the restaurant for quite some time before authorities showed up. 

Guess it was just one of those tase.


WARNING: There is some language and high-pitch squealing in the below video.