Tostee trolled

Contacts police over violent threats

Tostee trolled

Image credit: Facebook

The man formerly known as Gable Tostee says he's contacted police after a Victorian woman threatened to stab him in a Facebook post.

Eric Thomas received the threat from a woman called Pam Kearney on April 22.

She posted a link to a New Idea article about Thomas returning to Tinder, with the comment "What can you say this prick's face, remember it..and he looks at you sideways..stab him."

Thomas wanted to know why Facebook had not removed the online threat, despite it breaching the site's community standards.

"Yet another example of Facebook saying that serious threats of violence ("stab him") doesn't violate their community standards after reporting it multiple times," he posted.

"I have reported Pam Kearney to the police, let's see if they take it seriously."

Eric Thomas was last year acquitted of murdering his Tinder date Warreina Wright, who fell to her death from his high-rise Surfers Paradise balcony.