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NSW flood recovery could take years

Hundreds left without work

NSW flood recovery could take years

Image: Instagram: @thom_the_washed_up_photog

It could be years before communities south of the border recover from the recent floods, according to the one unaffected business in South Murwillumbah.

The clean-up continued on Thursday for towns along the Tweed River, especially in South Murwillumbah where hundreds of homes and businesses were swamped with water.

The Tweed Valley IGA escaped the floodwater, but only by a couple of centimetres.

Despite going through their own struggles with their house on Tweed Valley Way being inundated, the store's owners Brett and Leanne Bugg have given away pallets of food and supplies to those in need.

"For a couple of days we were the only ones open and it's like we were the lifeblood of the community," Brett said.

He said it would months for his house to be fixed up but believed it would be years before the whole town fully recovers.

"There are hundreds of [businesses] employing one to two people, and up to 80 people, and they're all gone; some won't even start again."

"This town needs all the help it can get because for the next 12 months there are people who won't have work, people who don't have money," he said.

There were reports some recovery centres had run out of essential items, but affected residents on the Tweed have been told there is still a huge range of donated items at a Chinderah sports centre.

Tweed Super Sports next to the BP is open from 8 every morning and is stocked with plenty of things like sheets, clothing and food.

Volunteer Bob Treadwell said he was amazed by the support of the wider community.

"The remarkable response from both businesses and just general people has been outstanding," he said.