American man looking to overthrow Prince Charles

Something's not right here

American man looking to overthrow Prince Charles

AN ECCENTRIC American says he will claim the British throne because of an obscure ancestral link.

Mr Allan Evans claims his ancestral links date back to the third century AD and that he is a descendent of Cunedda – an early Welsh leader in the 5th century, who was according to legend sent to the region to stop Irish and Pict incursions.


He alleges that he descends from John Evans Sr of Aberfraw Parish, Anglesey, who according to the advert “was politically assassinated and the last known King of Wales”.

The last sovereign Prince of Wales was Llywelyn ap Gruffudd before Edward I conquered the region in the 13th century.


The ad claims to give “legal notice” of his intention to launch a claim in thirty days to “all said estate lands, assets, peerage titles, armorial bearings, Royal Titles, and the Royal Tithe and Crown of Wales.”

It adds: “Moreover, that the said Allan V. Evans shall apply to claim his said Royal Estate at the Government Legal Office at 1 Kemble Street in London.”

Be interesting to see how one pans out for Mr Evans. God save the que... Prince.