Married at First Sight - what is the go?

It's on steroids this season

Married at First Sight - what is the go?

I know all the ex Married at First Sight Alumni are getting in on this Season but I think it's becasue we've been through 'the process' so we feel like we are a part of this one. Kind of.

I'm just starting to think about the thought process that producers have when casting this season.

What is going to make people watch. What is going to make good TV. I work in radio so I get it. We are constantly looking for good content.

This is what I think about Season 4 currently on Channel 9. Going to be honest and say that I haven't watched alot of it. It seems like a lot of time and energy to keep up with the current time/days of the week with this one. You have to get to know 10 couples. It's all very intense. But great TV.


I have caught up on last night's episode of the Dinner Party. First of many. And we all know what happened in Season 3 when there was a Dinner Party. If I'm honest I got ripped a new on on social media, Australia couldn't handle me and my honest ways. 


After watching last night's Dinner Party and seeing the 'sparks' between Cheryl and her not husband Andrew fly and same with Jonathon & Scarlett. It seems that the experts/producers have matched the actual matches with their 'non-matches' then seated the actual 'matches' next to each other and across the table from each other so they can 'interact'. It's bloody smart. 

As someone who has walked down the path of a Reality TV Dinner Party before, the aspects of where everyone sits, the conversations at the table and the flow of those convos is key.

It's great TV.

Well done Channel 9.

Bella x