Japanese restaurant faces Fair Work fight

Staff allegedly paid just $8/hr

Japanese restaurant faces Fair Work fight

Image credit; Trip Advisor.

A local Japanese restaurant and its owner areĀ facing legal action for allegedly underpaying staff to the tune of almost $60,000.

The operator of Samurais Paradise in Surfers Paradise, Shiego Ishiyama, is accused of ripping off nine, mostly Japanese, workers between July and October 2015.

Some were working for as little as eight dollars an hour.

The Fair Work Commission claims under the relevant award at the time, they were entitled to minimum hourly rates of up to $18.47, and up to $46.18 an hour for shifts on weekends and public holidays.

The case is scheduled to be heard at the Federal Circuit Court in August.

If found guilty, Samurais Paradise Pty Ltd faces fines of up to $54,000 per contravention.

Mr Ishiyama personally faces a maximum penalty of up to $10,800 per offence.