Couple left to remove dead horse from lounge room

Authorities accused of horsing around

Couple left to remove dead horse from lounge room

A Worongary couple is upset and angry after an injured horse stampeded into their lounge room over the weekend.

It's believed the animal escaped from its paddock and was was hit by a car on Saturday night, before panicking and running onto Richard Alroe's back deck.

He and his wife Sue heard the commotion and went outside to investigate.

"As we were trying to subdue the animal and calm it, a dog barked and spooked the horse and it headed for the first doorway which was open, which was my living room," he said.

Richard and his neighbour tried to hold the horse still for more than two hours before help arrived, in what Richard said was a very dangerous situation.

"[I called] the police, Gold Coast City Council, SES, the RSPCA; none them could do anything until council finally authorised a vet to euthanise the horse at 11pm," he said.

Richard said he and Sue are very distressed about the whole issues.

"I have a wife who's in all sorts of strife; she's a horse lover and has seen a horse not only destroyed but destroying all our furniture".

Richard was also upset that once the horse was put down, the body was simply left for him to deal with.

He said after much pestering, council agreed to pick it up but would only come as far as his driveway.

"So I've had to remove my doorway and doorframe, plus the plantation shutters on the inside that had been smashed by the horse to remove the carcass myself with neighbours. "

"The only assistance I've had is from good-hearted people who live close by, everybody in authority has failed me in this regard," he said.