Could The Spit be the new Southbank?

Mayor pitches major upgrade

Could The Spit be the new Southbank?


The Gold Coast City Mayor thinks he has the answer that will keep everyone happy, when it comes to developing The Spit.

Plans for a $3 billion resort development have opened up for a two month public consultation period and while supporters have touted the economic boost it would bring to the coast, conservation groups are concerned it would destroy a beautiful natural asset.

Mayor Tom Tate said firstly The Spit needs to be cleaned up, saying there was currently nothing there worth saving.

He also pitched the idea of "drawing a line in the sand" at Seaworld's Nara Resort.

Cr Tate said the part of The Spit to the south of that line could be used for high-rise developments and commercial purposes, while the area to the north could be transformed into a Southbank style parklands.

"Upgrade that, have federation walks, have ferries going in, open space," he said.