A rainy end to the long weekend

A month's worth of rain in 2 days

A rainy end to the long weekend

Well, our lawns and garden will be happy but this rain is bad news for anyone who planned on hitting the beach for the long weekend!

It is overcast on the Gold Coast today, with falls of between 20 and 40mls expected.

Michael Paech from the Bureau of Meteorology said we should get a few sprinkles on Monday morning but most of the rain will fall later on.

"We should see the showers and rain increase as we move through the afternoon, particularly through the evening," he said.

The forecaster also said the Seaway was only expecting a top of 21°C, which is pretty cool!

"Particularly after the stretch of very hot weather that we've had recently," said Mr Paech.

The cloudy weather is forecast to stick around through to Tuesday morning, with the chance of storms in the evening. 

BOM yesterday stated we could see months worth of rainfall in just two days but the department has lowered the expected amount after taking another look at the weather map.

Mr Paech said while we were only expecting up to 40mls on the Gold Coast today, that was still more than we've seen all winter!

"Probably not expecting quite as much as we were, about 20 for 40millimetre mark for the day but it's been so dry that that's about what we've seen for quite a number of months".