Heritage Listing Not Likely For Hazelwood Power Station

Demolition may be imminent

Heritage Listing Not Likely For Hazelwood Power Station Hazelwood Power Station in March 2008. © Wikipedia user Simpsons fan 66

As Engie prepares to finish the decommissioning process at Hazelwood Power Station, Heritage Victoria has recommended it is not suitable to be placed on the Victorian Heritage Register. 

The site failed to meet the majority of the criteria, and the state government has indicated its intent to prevent further delays to the demolition. 

Latrobe Valley residents and community members now have 60 days to make a submission on Heritage Victoria's recommendation before a final decision is made. More information can be found here

Decommissioning of the former Hazelwood Power Station is expected to be completed next month, 15 months since its closure. 

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