Tinder Match vs Real Life Expectations

Funny story really.....

*Swipe left* *Swipe left* *Swipe left* 

Here I was chatting to one of the girls here at the HIT HQ, she was out on Friday morning running errands for the  office when she had an awkward encounter with a young sales guy. She felt it being implied like they had met before, almost like a relationship had been formed but had no idea what he was getting at let alone who he was and he never clarified the odd behaviour.

After leaving the scene of the awkward social violation she gets a Tinder notification wishing her a good day. 

BAM! Tinder profiling strikes and we have to ask was it really a match or has Tinder got it all wrong?

Now let me set the scene for you here as I am someone who was out of the dating scene before these apps were about so for me I laughed but had to tell her how incredibly creepy I found this kind of "Tinder etiquette" - is this now "dating etiquette?" Would you not introduce yourself and if so do you say "I am Rob from Tinder - we matched last week, Tinder thinks we would have really good looking babies."

Or "Hey, I am Rob from Tinder but you probably don't recognise me as I used a picture from 5 years ago that definitely was when I was in my prime....."

Can someone please explain to me the new generation of dating and how many Tinder mishaps you have had.....

In the middle of this conversation one of the other girls chimed in with a hysterical laugh and said "this is so normal, a guy would rather Tinder you from across the room than come up and say hello."

And one of the boys jumped in to defend his race with - "hard to walk up and say hello when you can't match a Tinder picture with a real life face with all this contouring and filters that women use these days."

So from someone who missed this generation of dating - I am putting it out to the social world - What are the rules for Dating  on Tinder? Share your best Tinder DO's and Don'ts with us here at HIT HQ.