Im so keen for this!

Game company Winning Moves is looking for a town or city to base their next custom board on and we want it here in the Far North! 

Winning Moves business development manager Dale Hackett said Cairns people wanting to make the case for the city could share their ideas on social media.

“We just got done working on the Gold Coast, so we’re all ears for suggestions on where Mr Monopoly will visit next,” he said.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland chief executive Pip Close said a clownfish, cassowary, boomerang and mango could be among the board pieces used to reflect the Cairns region.

“Our Mayfair would have to be the Great Barrier Reef, while Oxford Street might be the Esplanade,” she said.

“Kuranda station, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway’s Red Peak station and the Reef Fleet Terminal could replace the railway stations.

“The community chest cards could give the holder $50 to visit Rusty’s Market.”

We love those suggestions! 

What do you think should go on the board?