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5 Running hacks for people who hate running

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5 Running hacks for people who hate running

Written by Ashleigh Pratt.

It’s not always love at first run. But what if you could actually enjoy (yes, ENJOY) running?

No more of the same old “I’m tired; don’t have time; it’s boring; I’m not motivated” excuses.

And no, you don’t need to buy a new pair of shoes either, we don’t want to hear the “but it’s expensive” excuse. As long as they aren’t old and decrepit and have the support you need, then you can run. So there goes that attempted excuse too!

Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy running:

  1. Pace yourself – don’t rush into a half marathon straight away! Start with a light 1km jog and then walk. Then you can build it up to 2km, then 5km etc. Handy hint: you should be able to hold a conversation whilst running without feeling like you’re short of breath.
  2. Pound the pavement outdoors rather than hunching over the treadmill – outdoor runs activate your hamstrings and butt muscles more than a treadmill and will help build up your leg strength. After all, you won’t get the a$$ you want by sitting on it!
  3. Nothing like a run with a view – Choose a track that motivates you, we love running along the coast and the sunrise is stunning. Working out in the morning gives you more energy, a curbed appetite and a better sleep.
  4. Distract yourself – We suggest listening to music, an audiobook or a podcast. You could always unplug and use this time for brainstorming and problem solving. Or get social and run with a friend. Nothing like a bit of gossip to get you going!
  5. Measure your success – You did it! Now keep track of where you started and slowly push yourself to run further and faster. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing how far you’ve come!

Now you have no excuses. Running will not only leave you feeling accomplished and energised, but you’ll also be the best version of yourself.

The HBF Run For A Reason is on Sunday May 27 and we highly recommend giving it a go. Find your reason, choose your distance and raise some much needed funds for WA charities.