The benefits of running with a partner

We've got 4 top tips!

The benefits of running with a partner

Written by Ashleigh Pratt. 

So you’ve signed up for the HBF Run for a Reason but find your’re struggling to stay motivated by yourself…

There’s nothing like a bit of positive peer pressure to get you going, so find yourself a running partner.

Here are 4 reasons why having a running buddy is beneficial:

  1. Accountability and motivation – for the days when you’re tempted to hit the ‘snooze’ button on that alarm or make up some excuse why you shouldn’t get out of bed, remember you have someone waiting for you.
  2. Distraction – not only does running with a partner make a great excuse for a catch up, it also distracts from the fact you’re actually running. Winning!
  3. Celebrate success together – it feels so good when you achieve a personal goal so why not achieve it with someone else and share that awesome experience.
  4. Safety – there is safety in numbers! Especially when you’re running at night or in case you injure yourself.

So how do you choose the right person to run with?

Start by finding someone who is around the same level of fitness as you, it’s way more motivating when you can work at the same pace.

Having similar goals will also give you both a better chance of achieving them when you’re working towards the same results.

Two people who best describe the benefits of running with a partner are the famous ‘Couple on the Run’ Sue and Andrew O’Brien who ran 8 marathons, in 8 countries, in 8 weeks together. #CouplesGoals

They believe by harnessing the principles of exercising with a partner and applying these to other areas of their everyday lives, the can achieve more.

Embrace the power of partnership and tackle the HBF Run for a Reason together!