Level 4 Water Restrictions For Coonabarabran

Despite Recent Rainfall

Level 4 Water Restrictions For Coonabarabran

Timor Dam 36.8% - Level 4 Water Restrictions Now In Place

Despite recent rainfall, not enough rain has fallen over the catchment area of Timor Dam to stop the fall in water level. With recent hot weather the use of water in Coonabarabran has increased over the last week. With dropping water levels in the dam and with increasing demand it is now necessary to implement Level 4 restrictions for water consumers in Coonabarabran.

Level 4 Water Restrictions mean that for outside residential use, hand held hoses are permitted for up to 1 hour per day between 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm on alternate days, as follows:

  • Houses with even street numbers – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Houses with odd street numbers – Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

For full details, including swimming pools, cleaning, and commercial use, as well as a range of water saving tips, please refer to Council’s website here.