Here's The Official Weather Forecast For Christmas Day

Central West Forecast Here

Here's The Official Weather Forecast For Christmas Day

The Bureau of Meteorology have released the official weather forecast for Christmas Day.

For theĀ Central West, Christmas Eve will experience a possible shower or storm with highs of 35C. On Christmas Day, temps will be slightly warmer with top temps of 36C and a possible shower.

More specifically, Dubbo will see a hot & partly cloudy Christmas Eve reaching 38C. It will only dip to 23C overnight, with another hot & partly cloudy Christmas Day and forecast tops of 38C again.

Around the country, following a hot Christmas Eve in Sydney with temperatures spanning 22C to 35C, on Christmas Day it will be 21C to 24C and cloudy with chances of a shower.

In Brisbane, it will be 21C to 33C on Christmas Eve.

Melbourne has a cloudy 15C to 21C forecast for Christmas Eve and will be mostly sunny on Christmas Day, with temperatures at 13C to 24C.

There will be a mostly sunny 14C to 29C Christmas Eve in Perth.

And in Adelaide, it will also be a partly cloudy Christmas Eve with temperatures ranging from 16C to 24C . On Christmas Day it will be a similar story, with it predicted to be partly cloudy and 13C to 25C.