First Video Link Chemotherapy Treatment In NSW

Being Trialed In Coonabarabran

First Video Link Chemotherapy Treatment In NSW

For many people with cancer in the Central and Far West of the state, Dubbo is the closest hospital providing chemotherapy services.

But now, a new technology out of Queensland is being trialed at Coonabarabran to bring those services closer to remote communities.

Coonabarabran resident Crystal was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and was re-diagnosed with secondary (stage IV) breast cancer which showed up in my left thigh bone in 2015.

She has spent every third week since, travelling two hours to Dubbo for her chemotherapy.

But that's all changed thanks to Dubbo based oncologist, Dr. Florian Honeyball, who has brought the first video link Chemotherapy treatment to New South Wales.

'Walley' is the connection between Dubbo and Coonabarabran, with chemotherapy nurses on the Dubbo side and an up-skilled nurse in Coonabarabran.

This technology will now help country residents like Crystal to save hours from travelling to their nearest oncologist, who is now able to help patients from 150 kilometres away.

The program will cater for low risk patients, every Tuesday. And it's just the start.

By 2020, Dr. Honeyball plans to have placed at least five more Walley's in remote communities across the state.