Appeal To Good Samaritan That Stopped Dubbo Assault

From Dubbo Police Station

Appeal To Good Samaritan That Stopped Dubbo Assault

Orana Police are appealing to a good samaritan that stopped to help a women that at the time was being assault by a male on Victoria Street, Dubbo, last night (1/12/17) at 9:20pm.

The 57 year old Dubbo woman was in the process of getting into her car that was parked on Victoria Street. A unidentified man has approached the woman from behind and grabbed her handbag, which was upon her shoulder at the time. The woman refused to let her handbag go with the man pulling her to the ground and dragging her out onto the roadway. A male driver passing at the time stopped and shouted out to the male assailant who then, when confronted with having to possibly take on a male, fled down an alley way.

"We ask that the man, that took the time to stop and assist the woman, to come forward so we can speak to him, he is not in any trouble, we just need a bit more information and we ask that he give us a ring at Dubbo Police Station on 68831599. We want to catch this thug and put him where he belongs, before a court, to answer for his despicable and cowardly actions".

Source: Dubbo Police Station