Warm Weather to Hang Around a While Longer

Warm March predicted

Warm Weather to Hang Around a While Longer


A warmer and drier summer has wrapped up in the Darling Downs but it doesn't look like conditions will be changing any time soon.

Temperatures reached 40.8 degrees in Toowoomba last month, the warmest it has been since 2014.  We also had 50 days that were above 30 degrees -beating a record set in 2005.

Climatologist Jeff Sabburg says it doesn’t look like much rain will be headed for the region this month.

“The current outlook for March is for dry conditions across the state (apart from the Gold Coast and the very far North.)

As far as temperatures go, with both the daytime and night time temps for March there looks to be about and 80% chance of being above average.

So we can expect warm nights, warm days and dry conditions for March.”