Turn The Screws on Plate Theft

Turn The Screws on Plate Theft

Turn The Screws on Plate Theft Image: QPS

Toowoomba Police are concerned that number plates continue to be taken from vehicles in the Darling Downs area.

There is no pattern to the taking of the plates, they go from vehicles inside private yards, on footpaths and, on at least one occasion, a car yard.

Police recommend vigilance as the main strategy against this theft, note people walking around the street or suburb, check your vehicle regularly – a simple walk around will suffice and consider installing Tamper Proof or ‘One Way’ screws such as these:

The screws attach the plate in the normal fashion but are designed so they can’t be removed by a normal screw driver, which means the crook has to work harder to get them off.

The screws are available in packs at a reasonable price from most major hardware stores. Ensure you check your vehicle as some are screws and others bolts, the packs should provide for both.

CRIME STOPPERS: 1800.333.000


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