Time to Drag Out the Winter Wollies

it's going to be a brisk one

Time to Drag Out the Winter Wollies

It's going to be a bit frosty across the Darling, Southern and Western Downs over the weekend with temperatures set to plummet.

The chill kicked off today and will hang around for a few days yet.

In Toowoomba we can expect a maximum of 17 today, Saturday looks like our chilliest day of the weekend with a minimum of 7 and maximum of 16, Sunday minimum 9 - maximum 17 and heading back to work on Monday, minimum of 8 and maximum of 19.

Warwick can expect to experience its lowest temperatures on Saturday and Monday.  

Meanwhile in Stanthorpe is set to be the coldest, hitting 1 degree tomorrow backed by a frosty morning wind.

Ah, you’ve gotta love winter!