Thieves Are Targeting Unoccupied Houses

Under construction and renovation

Thieves Are Targeting Unoccupied Houses

Toowoomba Police are concerned at a recent trend where thieves are targeting display homes and homes under construction and renovation. This isn’t an increase in the numbers of offences more a change of ‘target’.

Several display homes were broken into last week across Toowoomba. Power was turned off and internet cables torn out. The thieves also cleared out the furniture, white goods and most of the portable items.

Also targeted were homes at ‘lock up’ stage or older homes under renovation which can’t be totally secured.  Sinks and white goods have been stolen from these properties.

The commonality is that the premises tend to be vacant overnight and frequent movement of persons around them is ‘normal’.

Police are calling upon builders/home owners to take precautions where they can, secure the buildings as much as possible, and don’t leave spare keys onsite regardless of where they are hidden. Consider CCTV if possible, even something as simple as a GoPro mounted on a pole may be sufficient to identify offenders. Signs about CCTV coverage is also encouraged.

If anyone wants security advice please contact the local Crime Prevention Unit on 4631 6733 they are happy to help.