Storm Wreaks Havoc On the Region

Toowoomba got smashed

Storm Wreaks Havoc On the Region HIT 100.7: Bell Street Mall iconic tree ripped from its roots

Yesterday's storm wreaked havoc on the region with the Darling Donws experiencing flash flooding, and leaving over five thousand houses without power.

Strong winds of up to 106 kilometers per hour, uprooted trees from the ground and brought down power lines.

An iconic part of Toowoomba’s Bell Street Mall history was destroyed when a 40-year-old tree was torn from its roots.  The enormous tree was uprooted from the ground destroying part of the Mall footpath.

The tree has called Bell Street Mall home since the 1980s but was ripped from its base when the storm hit around 1pm yesterday afternoon.

The destruction was widespread throughout the CBD area.

Images: HIT 100.7

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