Queenslanders Risk Lives to Save Property in Storms

this is alarming says RACQ

Queenslanders Risk Lives to Save Property in Storms

Shocking new RACQ research has revealed Queenslanders put more time into planning how they would save their home and property in a storm, than how they would guard family members.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said while 79 percent of people surveyed had taken measures to protect their homes during storm season, less than 35 percent had considered how they would keep loved ones safe.

“Storm season's officially here and we’ve seen in recent years just how damaging Queensland weather can be,” Ms Clinton said.

RAC“While it’s great so many people are preparing their homes, it’s extremely concerning all the focus is on property and not on protecting lives.”

Ms Clinton said residents should take the time to sit with family and discuss an emergency plan.

“Often we don’t get a lot of warning when destructive weather is bearing down on us,” she said.

“Take five minutes now to speak with your family about where you’ll go if you need to evacuate and how you’ll stay in contact if you’re separated.

“It’s not a simple as saying ‘go to X’. You need to think about how you’ll get there, can you take your pets with you, who will pick up the kids if you’re all apart when the warning comes through? It’s one conversation but it can save lives.

“Having an emergency plan and an emergency kit can be the difference between life and death.”

RACQ’s advice for Queenslanders ahead of storm season:

  • Check home building and contents insurance is up to date
  • Clear gutters and downpipes, trim overgrown branches. DO NOT attempt to trim trees near powerlines
  • Check the roof for damaged or loose tiles and sheeting
  • Remove or secure loose items from the yard that could become projectiles
  • Join an Early Warning Alert service
  • Have an emergency kit including a battery-operated radio, a reliable torch and spare batteries, canned food, can opener, water, a first-aid kit and blankets.