Pregnant Mum of 8 to Serve Jail Time

for stabbing her partner

Pregnant Mum of 8 to Serve Jail Time

A pregnant mum of eight has been jailed for stabbing her ex-partner in the chest with two steak knives.

A Toowoomba court heard that 34-year-old Kristie Anne Sharpley had stabbed her partner in the chest after he allegedly told her he was in love with her sister.

The victim drove himself to the Oakey Hospital for treatment before he was airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane with a punctured lung.

The incident occurred on October 9th, 2016.  The man had not wanted to make a complaint against his partner of three years but the police were contacted by hospital staff.

Sharpley pleading guilty to the charges which has a maximum sentence of 7 years.  She was sentenced to two year’s jail and will be released on parole February 1, 2018.  Her child will be born in prison.