Oakey Tests Community Alert Siren

December 1

Oakey Tests Community Alert Siren TRC

On December 1, the audible testing of the Community Alert Sirens will take place at both Oakey and Wylahra Grove (Millmerran Estates). The siren runs audible tests, twice a year, June 1 and December 1, at midday.

Originally installed in the Oakey CBD, the siren has now been moved to a better position to enable the alert to be heard by the community in the higher flood risk zones and alert the community to a major emergency that will impact or likely to impact the community’s safety.

Council is asking residents to mark these dates on their calendars as a reminder a test is taking place, and to familiarise themselves with the sound of the Siren, and what they need to remember to do in the event the Community Alert Siren has to be activated in the future.

Community messaging will be announced leading up to the test but it is advisable to ensure any family and friends in the area are also aware of the test.

Over the coming week Oakey households will also receive new Community Alert Siren information flyers and magnets. If you have some older information or material on hand, you are being asked to please destroy them.

Oakey residents are also being encouraged to participate and be actively involved with this testing by providing feedback as to whether or not they have heard the Community Alert Siren. Look out for the cut off section on your flyer, fill it in and drop off to the Oakey Service Centre.

Residents need to note that when the Community Alert Siren is used, and it is not a test, it is important to remember not to panic and that the community is being alerted to the fact an important warning has been issued.

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