“Lock Your Cars” Toowoomba Police Urge Residents

Lock, check and check again

“Lock Your Cars” Toowoomba Police Urge Residents

The high number of cars still being broken into has Toowoomba police concerned.

Last week police saw the number of break-ins rise way above the regional average.

Reports indicate that many of the vehicles have no damage, which shows they were not locked when they were entered. Something to remember with modern cars and remote locking is that most cars won’t lock if a door isn’t shut properly, and some cars don’t have an alarm that will tell you the door isn’t shut. Consequently, the person thinks they have shut the car when it’s actually sitting there open.

Unsuspecting victims are still leaving cash, wallets, phones, iPads and other easily grabbed and transported items in plain view in unlocked cars.

Whilst some cars do receive damage to either the door locks or windows smashed, one method the offenders use is to walk along a street and try car doors till they find one open then prey upon that car. It’s a hit and miss operation but when they do the numbers, they are getting success. This was prevalent over the weekend in a number of suburbs.

Several of the offences over the last week have involved people leaving keys in the car, in a driveway or front yard whilst they empty items from the car. If you need to leave the car open while moving back and forth, take the keys and handbags or valuables in the first run and then return for the shopping.

The public can help by double-checking their cars and property, not leaving valuables in unattended cars at any time and being vigilant as to who is lurking around.

Police have identified several people, however there are a number of offences still unsolved and police are looking for any information from the public that can help identify those responsible.